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I’m Back & I’m Betta

Its been forever since I wrote a post, but I’m back! Breaks are good for the soul, especially when you are going through changes. I wanted to do my social media break for just a week, it ended up being about two. I’m proud I did it so long. I went on the break initially because we went on a cruise for our honeymoon and we couldn’t use our phones. Well, they had Wi-Fi on the cruise but who was paying that? This allowed us to be in the moment together, it was beautiful. We actually relaxed and enjoyed each other on our honeymoon. I’ve realized that I was addicted to social media. I also realized that I don’t need it. It may be obvious, but you can actually get a lot done or appreciate moments more without it.

As I mentioned, it went on for two weeks and the second week wasn’t even intentional. After our honeymoon, we came back to Charlotte then we drove to Greensboro for a graduation (Shout out to Jessica!). The next day we went to spend the last little bit of time with my family. We left on that Sunday, but we left out of Atlanta so we had to drive from Charlotte to there.  I mixed up our flight time. I swear it said 8:37pm, but it was actually 8:10pm. We got to the gate literally right on time. This is where we started our new life together.

I’m grateful for the real friends Darius made in Utah. They picked us up from the airport and let us stay the night at their house. I finally used social media again Monday morning because we were at an office that had a long wait, literally we were there for three hours. It felt normal because it was used as a distraction to make the time go faster. People stay on social media without being mindful of what they are consuming. There is a lot of negativity that you can be exposed to and can affect you more than you know. I’ve decided to not use social media as a distraction all the time anymore, I want to limit my time on their so I can do other things, that are actually productive for my life. Overall, I believe that my break was great. Everyone should try to disconnect with the virtual reality and live in the moment.

PS: This was a mini life update as well. We had a great honeymoon, moved into our new apartment, and I’m so happy thus far.

-Remember, love conquers all ♥

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