Happy Monday



“I am beautiful just as I am.”


I want all of you beauties to go through this week knowing this and keeping it at the front of your mind. There is nothing more or less that you need to be. YOU ARE ENOUGH and beautiful in your own right. I know days go by where we as women can be really hard on ourselves. I challenge you to say this to yourself every time you feel less than who you really are.


Stay active in your finances.


Your financial standing is crucial for living your best life. We want to be sure all of our fellow pioneers are aware and hands on with their finances. To start, we are not experts and for serious questions about your personal information, you should definitely sit down with an advisor at your bank to gain a better understanding of your financial standing. We’re just here to keep you aware and give you some tried and true tips and tricks that have helped us in our lives.

Todays Money advice is to stay active in your finances. Always be aware of where your money is going. Keep a budget and pay attention to every dime spent whether you have $100 in your account or $1,000,000. Stay aware of your credit score and debts. Don’t sleep on your credit ladies. You can gain access to free credit reports annually. Many banks offer services now that will monitor your credit. There are also financial apps out available that will give you monthly updates on your score. I was using an app called mint to track mine, but now i’m using an app called clarity money. It updates me monthly with a new transunion score and lets me know if any activity has taken place on my credit report.

Since I only have access to my transunion score through that app, I also utilitze identity alert through my bank and it gives me a montly credit report as well as an updated score from all 3 bureaus.

If you have any debt at all,  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make a plan to pay it all off.

When i tell yall i despise debt with a passion, i mean that lol.  It’s absolutley no fun especially on the road to financial freedom. The first step is knowing about it. If you have a few items lingering over your head that you haven’t gotten around to, make a plan and get them paid off even if its just small payments at a time. I’m currently working on this myself, so we can do this thang together girlll!


Theophilus London ft Solange- Flying Over Seas

This is an oldie but goodie. Sending you futuristic vibes on this good monday!

-Enjoy! Until next time, Pave the way!


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