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I have been natural, meaning without a relaxer, for all of my life. However, I have acquired quite a bit of damage from things like dying and straightening my hair more than a normal person should. Box hair dye is no joke and it definitely doesn’t help when you flat iron your hair at 450 degrees.

I didn’t start wearing my hair in its natural state until the summer before I started college. I was never comfortable wearing it curly in public so, even if I wore it curly, I would always straighten it before the week started. Washing my hair and seeing no curls whatsoever hurt my soul. I had to do something!


Every year I give a set amount of time to go without any heat tools. I believe this has helped tremendously with the health of my hair. The longest I have gone without using heat was 10 months. That was the longest year of my life. This year I challenged myself to four months with no heat, so my hair can be healthy and poppin’ for my wedding day, which is only one month away!

This no heat challenge is something you can do at your own pace. You can challenge yourself to however long you want. If you do use heat often, I think starting off with one month is the easiest and you can increase your time as you meet your monthly marks. It’s also imperative to have a good hair care regimen so you can see and feel the difference in the results. Your hair may need a little extra tlc during this process, but it is worth it. My go-to styles are sleek buns, flat twists, french braids, and ponytails. The growth is great and the pop of your curls will make you want to go without heat longer and longer. My goal after my wedding is to continue this challenge for a whole year. I hope you try a no heat challenge so your hair can FLOURISH honey.

-Always remember, love conquers all!


  • Queen Jai

    I totally agree! I’m natural and use to get my hair done every two weeks. Just a regular silk press. But, with the way my budget was looking, I had to stop. So, I went maybe 3 months without heat. Man, did I see a difference. Hair looked healthier and grew longer! #NoHeatChallenge

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