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Things to consider before relocating


My husband and I were in a long distance relationship for majority of the years we dated.  Once we got engaged, the decision for one of us to relocate had to be made. So we decided whomever got a job first would move. While it seemed like the best idea at the time, I’ve grown to realize that there were a lot of other things to consider before making that step.

How well do you adapt to change?

If you do not adapt to change well, think long and hard before making a big move. Now, I’m not saying stay in your comfort zone because we all need to encounter experiences that allow us to grow. However, I will tell you to mentally prepare yourself for the good as well as the new or the uncomfortable. I went into the move believing everything would be perfect. I believed it would be just like home and didn’t really prepare myself for actual changes that could take place.  Boy was I in for a surprise. I’ve grown a lot from the move alone. I just wish I would have prepared myself more for the not so easy changes that took place.

What is the Job market like where you’re moving?

So obviously I was the one who found the job first and ended up being the one to uproot from my home in Charlotte NC  to Atlanta GA. Getting a job does not mean that the job market is poppin, it just means… you got a job. A month goes by and I grew to HATE my job. Atlanta’s job market isn’t too bad. However, Atlanta is highly over populated so that created a difficult road to finding other employment. I was not happy about this seeing that I had left a job in Charlotte that I loved that paid VERY well (I still wish I could have been transferred). Learning all of this while you’re in it is not easy. So study the job market and the competition in the city prior to relocating.

 What is the cost of living?

Most people check this out initially…I hope… I feel like I would have too had I been moving alone. Because my then fiancé had already had a place here, I relocated not worrying about the cost of living because he had it figured out, right?.. WRONG! The cost of living is horrible in comparison to Charlotte. You can get newer upgraded apartments in Charlotte for at least $200-$300 cheaper. Now there are places here on the outer skirts that are much cheaper, but once again trying to figure that out while you’re in it and not really knowing anyone you can go to for guidance can be tricky; especially if you have other things on your plate, so just be aware of that.

How far is it away from your family and friends?

This doesn’t apply to you if you’re trying to escape from a past life or if you have a loner personality, but if you have friends and family really consider this before deciding to relocate. My family is very important to me. I don’t have many friends, but the ones I do have are back home. Yes, Atlanta is only about 3-4 hours away from Charlotte, but traveling too often gets tiring and when you only really have 1 and a half days to do so, the visits become less and less. Lets not forget to mention that gas is not the cheapest it’s been, so that’s another factor. Just keep this in mind and either be sure you have good support where you’re moving or try to be close enough to get home as often as you’d like with minimal issues.

Relocating is always fun to consider and at one point or another, I feel we all look into making that leap to relocate to another place. Just be sure to do your research and weigh your options. It’s an experience I feel everyone should encounter. Just try to make it as easy on yourself as possible by preparing. Are you planning to relocate anytime soon, what are you doing to prepare?

-Well, that’s all I have for you today pioneers.  Until next time, stay edgy <3


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