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Featured Fave: Christina Thomas

Welcome to Featured Faves! Today, we have a very special guest. She is a beautiful young lady that empowers young women. She is the creator of the blog “Talk2Tina”, is an aspiring motivational speaker and professional actor. She has the biggest heart and is a very driven young lady. You can contact her by email at and the link to her blog is Please take the time out to check out her work, I promise you will enjoy!

How long have you been a writer? 

Christina: I’ve been writing pieces, poems, and scripts since I was around 16. So I’ve been writing for about nine years! My mother is a writer as well  as many of my relatives on her side of the family. Many of them have already written books. I guess the apple didn’t fall far from the tree! My mother instilled a love of reading and writing at a very young age. It’s more than just a gift. It’s a part of my being. I can’t imagine a more effective, satisfying way of expressing myself and my passions. Writing makes me feel visible, heard, and powerful.

Where do you see yourself going with writing?

Christina: There are so many things I want to do with my writing. My main goal is to write to reach and inspire women. I want to create a safe space through my writing that encourages women and helps them understand that they aren’t alone, they aren’t broken, and they aren’t small. A space where they feel that they can be free to be themselves without judgement or shame. I am starting with a blog but I eventually want to create a group for women that meets at least twice a month in order to connect with each other and express themselves without fear that their trust will be betrayed through gossip or other petty and destructive behavior.

I am still working out all of the details but I know that God has plans for my writing beyond what even I can comprehend. Sometimes I get a bit discouraged because I want to do so much. I want to be so much. My goals take so much more time than my short patience span wants to wait. However,  I know that my gift will make room for me and that everything will unfold in God’s timing. I am assured. I am confident of this. I am even more inspired.

What/Who is your inspiration?

Christina: My inspiration is my mother and my late grandmother. They are two of the strongest people I know. I am proud to have been interwoven with the resilience and wisdom that is embedded in their DNA. I hope to pass down that same strength to my daughters. My mother and grandmother are the heart and flesh of my inspirational writing. My inspiration also comes from women as a whole.

As a truly remarkable and ethereal creation. Women are the most resilient beings in my opinion. We are the only flower that grows whether watered or not. Loved or not. DEFENDED or not. We adapt, we fight, we are broken and we still have the capacity to love while going through it. I just want to raise a revolution of women who know their power. Women who understand just how relevant “Who Runs The World? Girls.” by Beyonce is to their power as women.

Who is your role model?

Christina: Besides my mother, a huge role model would be Oprah. I find her story of climbing to success so compelling. It’s incredibly beautiful to see how  she overcame adversity as not only a woman, but a woman of color. A woman with brown skin and brown eyes. Someone I can relate to. Someone I can look in the mirror and see. Oprah struggled in her youth.

She often talks about how she lost her first job and didn’t even have reliable transportation. To look at her now you would never be able to see her scars. She is such a light and inspiration to everyone who sees her. She spun blood into silk in the most dynamic way. Oprah is a speaker and beautiful writer. If I could have even half of her influence on other women I would count it as a life accomplishment.

What inspired your featured piece?

Christina: “It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a situationship!” My inspiration for this piece was personal experience with situationships and watching my friends hurting in situationships or relationships filled with ultimatums, settling, and other forms of disrespect. No matter the accomplishments, the good jobs, the beautiful bodies and pretty faces, so many women shrink themselves to accommodate men that break them down and devalue them.

So many women are in relationships that make them feel they have to wear a collage of faces and chip pieces off of their personalities and core values in order to fit into the idealistic ideas of their lover. We have ALL been there. As a woman I feel its my obligation to uplift women trying to resist settling into toxic situation-ships because I know the damage that being in one causes. It took years for me to unlearn the ways that my emotional and verbal abusive relationships taught me to devalue myself. I advocate strongly for women in relationships that drain their power. This piece was very important to me because it was truly written from the heart. I really hope it touches and inspires a woman in need.

Featured Post:

“It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a situationship!”

It seems…that in a hookup culture like the one we live in today, there aren’t many people left that really have the desire or capacity to be in committed relationships. A side-piece is as normal as having a goldfish and “monogamy” is probably a filthier word than any curse word you could scream. If you’re in the five percent of people that get to invested to have casual sex…or friends with benefits relationships it can really seem like a lose lose situation a majority of the time. Settling starts to seem more and more appealing and your standards start to seem more and more ridiculous.

LISTEN LINDA, One of the worst things you can do is to betray yourself…your feelings…your heart…your body…because you don’t think what you want is attainable. IT IS. I am not saying that its an easy thing to choose yourself each time. Most of the time it’s lonely.  You come home from work and you want someone to talk to while you open that bottle of wine. Someone to cuddle up against. Someone to laugh with. SOMEONE TO TOUCH.

But investing that core of yourself…your needs and desires to someone who has given you no promise of a committed bond? Unwise. Know yourself. Come to terms with what you can and can’t deal with and write those things down. Write them down and affirm that what is yours will find you without you constantly modifying your standards. You’re worth someone who’s all in…you’re worth having a safety net set out for you when you fall for someone.

Stay clear of Situationships, sis…..cause when feelings hit the fan….the cleanup..takes a long time….

Quote of the day:

“It was a love so strong I thought I’d die for it. I almost did. Almost. What a word to crack in your mouth after surviving…”

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