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Todays Foody Feature: BORU BORU

Hey girls! Todays foody feature is from a little spot called BORU BORU  located in Emory Point right outside of downtown Atlanta. If youre a sushi lover, this post is for you. I myself, love sushi and when I visited this restaurant for the first time, I was absolutely in love.

The set up style of this spot is the same as a Chipotle or Moes BUT it’s sushi. Not only is the setup of the restaurant like Chipotle and all the other americanized mexican restaurants we love, but the food is served the very same way! That was so cool to me, I can’t even front. The atmosphere gives off a very fun and new age type feel. The staff is very inviting and make your dining experience pretty cool. The area where it’s located is really nice as well with tons of shops and other restaurants near by. It’s a great spot to go in the warmer months to hang out with friends for lunch or an early dinner.

 Their specialty is SUSHI BURRITOS!! YES, I said sushi burrito. The burritos are made exactly like a sushi roll would be made, except the seaweed is the “tortilla” and the rest of the ingredients are housed inside. This was mind-blowing to me. Not only is the concept amazing, but so is the food. They also serve these BOMB tater tots. Now if any body truly knows me, they know I love a good potato! They garnish the tater tots with some type of radish and a tangy sauce that will make your taste buds twerk a little bit. No, but really, they came all the way different with these tots and I am all the way here for it! They also offer poke bowls and things along those lines, which are tasty as well.

If you’re not only a foody, but also enjoy unique experiences when dining out,  this is definitely a place you should check out. The only thing I would have to say I don’t really care for about Boru Boru is their hours. They open at 11am-2:30pm, close and then open back up again at 5pm – 10pm on weekends. The hours aren’t THAT big of a deal. However, there have been days where I wanted Boru Boru at exactly 3:05pm and couldn’t have it. I would have chosen something else before they opened again.

If you live in the Atlanta area or you’re visiting and love sushi, I definitely recommend trying Boru Boru. Its a stylish, quick place to eat with quality food and the pricing isn’t too bad at all, especially for sushi. Have you tried Boru Boru yet? If you have or are planning on it, Let us know in the comments. That’s all I have for you today my foody friends.

-Until next time, Stay edgy sis <3


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