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Featured Fave: T. Michelle Dixon

Welcome back to Featured Fave! Today, we are featuring a phenomenal woman who has lived, learned and paved the way for tons of women including myself! She is the Founder of Fortifyone Empowerment and Consulting, LLC. Where she assists in building your image to produce the brand of a lifetime. She is an author, a strong mother, sister and friend. She has blessed us with her time today and we are so thankful. If you are in the need of branding for any of your business endeavors, or a strong speaker with an empowering story at your next event, don’t hesitate to contact her at

How long have you been a motivational Speaker/figure? 

T. Michelle: I have been a motivational figure since 1994 where I started as a volunteer at Manhattan valley, facilitating workshops to assist mothers and fathers on building self esteem, sex ed, and empowerment. Before volunteering I was a client, so I had a strong connection with the mothers and fathers that went through this program. This catapulted my desire to uplift and motivate those in need.

Where do you see yourself going with Fortifyone LLC. ?

T. Michelle: The plan that I have for Fortifyone is to grow it into a global brand. I plan to use different tools whether it be through media, writing or public appearance. My desire is to motivate and inspire the masses and continue to speak at more schools, shelters and events. My goal is to ultimately help people reinvent themselves as well as, assist people and businesses that need structural foundation.

What/Who is your inspiration?

T. Michelle: First and foremost my father. To follow Les brown, then Tony Robbins as well as preachers from churches I have attended. It started at home when my father took custody of my sister and I. He began and produced his own self development practices to better care for my sister and I. His practices spewed over into my life, creating my desire to always better and empower myself.

Who is your role model?

T. Michelle: I look at a role model as a very personal role. I cant say that there is one set person. But I can say that I have many influencers on my life.

What inspired your featured piece?

T. Michelle: I never wanted a book as much as I wanted to speak. The opportunity to publish my piece was presented about 3 years ago. I understood that publication strengthened and tied in with my ability to speak, so i took the opportunity to share my passion in a way that was out of the box for me. I wanted to leave a bit of my legacy there.

Featured Piece:

I Am A Mentor {Snippet}

Mentor?? I know you’re thinking, “What does that have to do with me” That was my initial thought when asked to even put my two cents in. Some of us would even go as far as to believe the mentoring title, along with its responsibilities, belong to someone other than us. Like a teacher, a coach, church counselor, etc. Did you ever think that mentor could be YOU? Of course not! Maybe because most of us who are mothers, single or married, become so inundated with our day to day functions we dare not to add to our laundry list of tasks and responsibilities, but there is a duality in mentoring and mothering. We just never think to include mentoring in our duties as a mother.


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