Happy Monday


“I’m worth more than gold.”

All too often we get caught up in life being told what to do, and what we can be rewarded or given for the time, energy and talent we put into various tasks. I want all of us to realize that what someone is willing to give you is not what you are worth. Don’t ever look to someone else to assure you of your worth. We are beautiful human beings capable of doing whatever we put our minds to.

We are worth so much more than the price tag anyone could ever place on us. Whether it be in your relationships or your job, Do not get caught up in taking on what someone else has decided you are worth. Settle for NOTHING less than what a queen/king deserves. I want you to go through this week reminding yourself you’re worth is more than gold, then start owning it and requiring others to treat you as such. It will make a huge change in your life.


Spending unnecessary money is an issue that many people have. At the end of 2017, my main goal was to stack my savings account and stop spending unnecessary money. This was an issue for me at first because it doesn’t take much to catch my eye. Once i see something that i like, i have to have it. I’m a major girly girl. Anyone that knows me knows how much i’m obsessed with makeup, jewelry, accessories, and all types of natural hair and facial products. It became a habit for me to spend more money on the things i wanted instead of the things i actually needed. So i decided to come up with a plan to cut out unnecessary spending and get out of the “I have to have it” mentality.

I stopped eating out.

Have you ever gone over your transactions and actually looked at what you spend your money on? A lot of my money was going to eating out. It doesn’t seem like much when you’re getting the cheapest thing on the menu, but those extra dollars really add up. There were times when i would eat out everyday during my lunch break because i was too lazy to pack a lunch the night before. Now i’m not saying i have completely stopped eating out, but i’ve limited my eating out to special occasions only. I’ve also started packing my lunch for work so that I don’t have any reason to eat out.

Do I need this or do I want this?

Anytime I’m about to make a purchase, I ask myself if this is a need or a want. If it’s a want, 9/10 times, I put it back on the shelf. I’ve learned that it’s okay to spend money on yourself every once in a while. Sometimes we deserve that new bag, or that new lipstick, but just think before you make purchases. If you already have an unopened bottle of foundation at home, do you really need to buy another one just because you’re eager to try a new line that has just been released? This has really helped me cut out my extra spending because I’m that person with 60 different brands of the same lipstick color.

I stopped carrying my debit/credit card around with me everywhere.

It’s super convenient to whip out your debit card and make purchases without even really thinking about it. Sometimes when I have to work, I’ll leave my cards at home to avoid spending money. Vending machines and making trips to Marshalls during my lunch break are a weakness. One trip to target could result in a receipt with over $50 worth of items that you don’t need. If I do have to go to a nearby store during my lunch break and I have my debit card with me, I make a list of only the things I need so I avoid spending anything extra.

I hope my list is able to help you with better manage your money. Remember, do you actually need this item or do you want it? This is key when it comes to spending less and saving more.


Sango – Khlorine

Enjoy the good feels Smino gives off in his song Khlorine.

A great upbeat song to start your week off just right!

-Enjoy your week and remember to pave the way!

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