Shayna,  W.O.W

Work That Body

You want your body tight, do it right.

As women, we are always trying to fit this mold of how our bodies should look, which is pretty unnatural. Everyone has a different body type and everyone can’t look the same. I see the women on Instagram and even I sometimes want to look like them. The popular artist and Instagram models have affected how women want their bodies to look. Every day women are getting plastic surgery like butt implants, breast implants, and some are even having their ribs removed. I, personally, don’t think that is something we should do.

Love what your mama gave ya! 

All of the things you are exposed to every day, from social media, can make you want to change yourself. There is NOTHING wrong with wanting to be healthier and look better. Make sure you are doing it for yourself. If you want to change your body you can do it naturally. It’ll take longer, it will be better for you. Making lifestyle changes will help. Surgery is a quick fix; if you don’t take care of yourself inside and out you’ll end up back where you started. Stay motivated. There are days where you don’t want to work towards your body goals. If you push yourself through you will feel better. As a skinny person, who is out of shape, I can tell you this is something that I struggle with.

Consistency and motivation go hand in hand, for me. Keep yourself accountable and have a good support system around you. Having that will be easier. Know it’s not an overnight process and it takes time. CONFIDENCE IS KEY. If you have confidence, it doesn’t matter what size you are! Stay beautiful.

-Don’t forget, love conquers all!

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