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Favorite Natural Products


From the day I went natural 5 years ago I have been introduced to so many different natural products which led me to a more holistic lifestyle. So this post is going to be about my top favorite natural products and what I use them for.

Shea Butter

Shea butter has now become a natural household favorite. Its thick consistency can be used as is for a great facial moisturizer or whipped up as i delicacy for dry skin. I use Shea better for several different purposes. I use it to prep my lips before putting lipstick on and it keeps even the driest lipsticks from making your lips appear parched and chapped. The second way I use it is for my facial moisturizer. I typically use this at night before bed because its a bit thicker and it melts in my face giving a nice dewy look the next morning. I also use this as a moisturizer and a bit of a edge control for my edges on days where i want my edges to look more natural and curled and not so sleek. It gives a very shiny natural appearance while still taming my edges.

Rose Oil

I started using rose oil close to a year ago and fell in love. I have extremely dry skin around my nose and my forehead. During the winter I was looking for something lighter than my shea butter and still natural to wear on my face during the day under my makeup and decided to give rose oil a shot. I ordered it from and when i tell you that stuff is like butter on your dry skin. Since using it, I have not dealt with dry chaffed skin and my skin has felt a lot smoother and looked more even toned. It also creates a beautiful base for applying foundation because its a dry oil so it keeps your skin moisturized, smooth and supple, while seeping into your skin to create a natural glow.

Castile soap

This is a household staple just because I use it a million and one ways. I use it for my facial cleanser diluted with water and i add a bit of rose oil as well. It gives me a deep clean while also not being too harsh and adding the extra moisture from the rose oil. Its the perfect combo! I also use it for body wash and i add peppermint oil to this to give more of clean feel. It makes me feel so rejuvenated and smell SO fresh. I’ll occasionally add it to my co-wash for a deeper clean and also wash dishes and things of that nature.

Apple Cider Vinegar

I know you all have heard all you can about the infamous ACV. I use the brand Braggs with the mother and have several bottles around my house because it is used in so many different way. My toner is used by mixing 1/3 acv with 2/3 water. It leaves my face incredibly clean and has aided in clearing a ton of dark spots. I use it when I need to give my hair an extra boost and bring the shine and spring back to my hair. I also use it as a reset for my lady parts when things may need to be refreshed down under. Just pour 1/2-1 cup of avc in your bath water and soak for a good 25-30 min. You’ll get out feeling brand new. Its also one of my favorite ingredients for my tea as it helps with my digestion.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is also something i feel we all have laying around. I use this as a body oil, lip gloss ( I love how it looks and smells on my lips). My hair also loves it but only when it needs more protein. I use it to cook as well. It burns pretty fast in my experience though so beware of that if you’d like to try it but it does give great flavor.

What are your favorite natural products and what do you use them for? Let us know in the comment section below.

-Until we speak again, Stay edgy cutie pies<3


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