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Featured Fave: Darius Caldwell

Welcome back to Featured Fave! Today, we are featuring one of our favorite artists, Darius Caldwell! He is a videographer for the Airforce and has become an award-winning expert in his line of work. He has shot short films, weddings, visual poems, music videos and a series of commercials throughout his career. Learning all he could and gaining the experience from the military, he ventured out and started his own company by the name of Aeon productions. We are so proud of him for his endeavors and where they will continue to take him. If you all need a videographer for any of your needs, be sure to contact Aeon Productions. You can contact him via Facebook @AeonProductionsSLC, Instagram @mademan._ or email aeonmultimediaproductions@gmail.com

How long have you been doing videography? 

Darius C: I’ve been a videographer for three years now.

Where do you see yourself going with this?

Darius C: What I want to do is be paid to create my own content and in whatever form that is, I want to be happy doing it. Whether it be making a feature film or films, documentaries, being a cinematographer for businesses, or owning my own business; whichever path life takes me to where I can create my own content, that’s what I wanna do.

What/Who is your inspiration?

Darius C: I think my inspiration comes from just being able to have a positive effect on people and recently being able to change people’s lives and their view on things. I’m not a big explainer when it comes to talking. I’m not good at that, so it’s cool to be able to put it in film form and tell my story and other people’s story or tell my story through other people’s story through film.

Who is your role model?

Darius C: If I had to pick a role model, it would be my mentor Justin Ervin. He has been a big help for me since I asked him to help me get better at my craft.  He always answers every phone call. He’s a big help, so that’s why I’d call him my role model. My far off role models would have to be Kendrick Lamar and Bradford Young, his work is really dope. Plus his background, coming from a small town and he’s always working to be the best he can be. His work got him to making movies like Selma, Arrival, and the new Han Solo movie that’s coming out. I think he’s really dope.

What inspired your featured piece?

Darius C: What inspired my featured piece was essentially me telling my story on camera. I wasn’t telling my story, in a literal sense, but telling my story about my feelings at a certain time. I thought it would be cool and it would be more personal if I put that in film form. That was the first time I ever did it and it felt pretty good to express myself on the artistic platform.

Featured Piece:

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