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Make today GREAT!

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Hey girl, it’s Monday again! I love Monday’s because it’s like a fresh start. Everything you wanted to do but didn’t, you can accomplish. If you fell behind last week, catch up this week! OR you can even get ahead of the game. If you make the conscious decision to start the day with positivity, your day will be great. I know it’s cliche, but it’s true. Don’t feed into the negativity that flies your way. You may not be in control of the things that happen around you, however you are in control of the decisions you make, so decide today is a great day and make it happen!


Always be willing to give

Today’s financial advice is to always be willing to give. I know this doesn’t sound like your typical financial advice, but when it comes to pursuing wealth, you have to take more into account than just your bank account. What I mean by that is in order to flourish in any area in your life, long term, you have to put out more than you receive. You shouldn’t wait until you have all the money in the world to be willing to give. That would require little to no sacrifice. The true sacrifice is when you don’t have much and your heart is ready and willing to help someone in need.

Penny pinching is the practice of broke individuals and in order to be wealthy your mind and actions have to transition from broke to wealthy. You can’t be so stingy with what you have that helping someone whose worse off than you is a non-factor. This my friend will never lead you to wealth, because how can money come back 10 fold if you wont let go of it.

Some of the most wealthy people I know give abundantly.  Giving is one of the most rewarding practices ever and there is always a return. It may not be that exact 20 dollars you gave tee tee, but it returns. I can tell you this from experience. Now, I’m not saying give with the expectation of getting something back. That’s not the act of a giving heart. However, being a blessing allows blessings to fall upon you and your life will feel so much more rewarding. Giving also takes us out the bondage money tends to place us in. It makes us feel like we have to hoard every dollar and possession.

When you practice giving with a free heart, you let go of the hold money has on you. In turn, you have faith that you’re helping someone and also the faith that all your needs will be met.  I would say giving should be accounted for in everyone’s finances. It’s great for the heart, allows you to take money off that high pedestal a lot of us have it on, and it creates blessings and abundance in your personal life.


Dipset Anthem- The Diplomats ft. Cam’Ron, Julez Santana

Sending you NY vibes this good Monday! Enjoy this track and the week that follows!

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