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Featured Fave: Christine C.

Christine C


Welcome back to Featured Fave!! Today, we are presenting to you an exceptionally brilliant woman working on making her dreams become reality. Her ideas are out of this world and when she puts her mind to it, there’s no stopping her. She is a go-getter and will stop at nothing to make sure her and her family get everything they want out of life. She’s graceful, an overall woman of class. We’re excited to introduce to you, Christine C!!

How long have you been doing this?

Christine C: I have wanted to be an entrepreneur all of my life, but I always felt confused about the direction to go in. About 2 years ago, I started thinking about the strong passion that I have for cooking great foods and watching those that I love enjoy those meals. One day I just decided to write a cook book with some of my favorite recipes. I found so much enjoyment in cooking those recipes, writing them for my book and taking pictures.  I finished my book in 2017 and it was just recently sent to the publishers. If this book does well, I plan to continue with sharing more of my recipes in various books.

Where do you see yourself going with this?

Christine C: I hope that my first book will be successful, and if so, I will continue to share additional recipes that I have cooked over the years.  I hope that after the success of my book, I can start a muffin business and share those muffin recipes in a book as well.

What is your inspiration?

Christine C: My inspiration comes from my family and those closest to me. I enjoy cooking for my family and loved ones and I have always talked to my daughters about the importance of entrepreneurship and doing what you have a passion for. I am working so hard to finally make my dreams come true to show my daughters that it’s never to late to fulfill your dream. Even though we all need a paycheck and work a 9 to 5  to live, entrepreneurship is so much bigger than just a paycheck and that inspires me everyday to keep moving forward with my dream.

Who is your role model?

Christine C: My role model is a close friend of mine, Tonya Hunter. Since I have known Tonya, she has consistently pushed me to entrepreneurship and talked to me about the importance of controlling my own life and not letting a  9 to 5 job control me. She is an entrepreneur as well and strongly advocates for every African American to own their own business and to find enjoyment in it. She has been outspoken and her words have inspired me to continue on my journey because the one lesson she has taught me is that when you own your business, and you’re the boss, going to work everyday doesn’t seem and feel like it’s such a daunting task. Despite how tired you are and how many hours you work, it’s all for you.

What inspired your featured piece?

Christine C: My first cookbook is all about my various recipes because I want people with all taste buds to enjoy it. I decided to have my first book contain all types of foods so that on any given day or meal, everyone can find a recipe to please their appetite. Since I enjoy cooking  and I love good food, my first project had to be a book to show the world what I think good food should taste like and writing my first book is a depiction of my goals and setting the ground work for various different food projects.

Featured Work:

Christine is currently working to get her book published. She has found two book stores in her area that are excited to share her book. We will keep you posted about her release date and information on where and how to purchase. She also has a few other ideas up her sleeve, so stay tuned! Greatness is in the making.

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