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CRÚ Food & Wine Bar


I went to Atlanta, about two weeks ago, with my future mother-in-law and my Dani to help my sister move into her new apartment. Little did I know, they had a special night for me. They decided to take me out to celebrate since I’m getting married. YAY! They picked a restaurant called CRU located at the Avalon shopping mall in Alpharetta, GA. The vibe, food, and wine were right up my ally.

The Atmosphere


We sat on the inside, which looks amazing. They have a wine wall! Talk about inspiration for my future house. It felt cozy and it wasn’t too cold inside. I hate going to restaurants and it feels like it’s 2 degrees inside. On the walls they have flag type decor, but the flags are different wines. There is also seating outside, if you like that. The waiters were very knowledgeable about the menu and wines.  Not even just this restaurant, but Avalon in general is a cool place to hangout at.


They have wines from all over the world, from California to Australia. Hence the wine wall. I got a moscato because I’m a baby drinker. They offer flights of wine as well. I learned a flight is three different wines you try to compare the flavors. Below is what it looks like, these are different rosé’s my sis got. They come with a card that tells you a little bit about each different wine. It was actually interesting to read, they describe the flavors or the subtle things in the wine and you can actually taste it.


Lets talk about this food honey! When I go out to eat, I usually get the itis because I eat too much or I’m so full I can barely breathe. Here, they provide you with what seems like the perfect portion. On this lovely night, I ordered salmon with fingerling potatoes and broccolini with a lemon-caper sauce. This meal was perfection on a plate. I felt good after eating this.  For an appetizer, I would recommend the lobster and shrimp potstickers! Those were bomb, we got two orders and killed it in literally five minutes.

If you’re due for a girls night out or date night with your significant other, this is the place to go! This isn’t your Thursday night ‘lets run out to get a quick bite” type deal. It is on the pricier side. It is worth it though. I’m hoping you guys check it out! Let us know some of your favorite restaurants!

-Until next time, love conquers all ♥

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