Happy Monday!!!


choose to be happy

Today’s mantra is short but sweet! Simply choose to be happy. Life gets daunting, things come up and you can find a million reasons to be everything but happy. Here is a bit of sound advice, choose your happiness day in and day out. It’s all a choice. There are tons of things we can’t control in life, but I thank goodness we are able to control ourselves, our mindsets, and our emotions. So be happy, choose that over everything else. Give no one else that power. Make that choice and I promise life will be just that much sweeter.


We all love pay day! When that direct deposit hits your account, for a moment, you feel rich. Unfortunately, that money goes just as fast as it hits your account. Before pay day hits, i always make a list of my debts and bills that need to be paid based on their due dates. It’s always best to get your bills/debt out of the way before anything else.

After my rent, car payment, insurance, utilities and phone bill is paid, i put up money to go into my savings acct. I try to save between $100-$150 each pay period, i also set aside funds for groceries and just enough for gas so that it will last me until my next pay day. Next, i make sure my toiletries are taken care of. That would include soap, face and hair products, tooth paste, etc. Once all of that is taken care of, i’m free to do whatever i want with the remainder of my check. I usually buy myself a new shirt, pair of shoes or a new lipstick. Just something to treat myself, but nothing too expensive. I also don’t spend my entire check, well i try not to just in case something unexpected comes up.

What are some of the things you take care of when you first get paid?


Our Reann is getting married Friday!! This song is to tribute her wedding week and to start your week off with some smooth old school that’ll have you calling your boo up. Enjoy!

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