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Social Media Break

I feel like technology and social media can really be an addiction and a distraction to everyday life.

I find myself on social media multiple times a day, for hours, looking at stuff that is basically pointless. When I was in college I would literally be on my phone during class, like not even paying attention to anything my professors were saying. You know how when you’re watching Netflix and you don’t realize it’s been like 5 hours. That’s how I️ am with Instagram or YouTube. I always wanted to take a break from it because I find myself reaching for the phone first thing in the morning to check Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, literally all the social media. It’s such a norm in my life and I want to be able to go without it.

Going Without

For our honeymoon, we’re going on a cruise and it’s my first one! I’m so excited to be detached from social media and actually be in the moment. I’m still going to use my phone to take pictures. However, I won’t be worried about posting them or seeing who liked them. It’ll be a relaxing time since we have to move into our new place when we come back from the cruise. I️’m getting a little taste of it now since I’ve been so busy planning my wedding and taking my last finals.

What I hope

I have a lot going on in my life lately and I want to get rid of distractions. I want to enjoy the moments in life and be able to be in the moment. Hopefully this little break will help me have better focus on task that need to get done. All social media isn’t bad though. You can actually learn things from it. It’s all about balance in life. That is what I hope for, to be able to balance the use of it. If you catch yourself always on social media, maybe you should try to go without it for a couple of days and see how much more you can do with your time.

-Remember, love conquers all QT Pi’s  ♥

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