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Rich Dad Poor Dad: A Book Review


Rich Dad, Poor Dad:

On my quest for wealth, I have started reading a ton of books on business and self improvement.  Rich Dad, Poor Dad was actually one the first financial books I had ever read. My husband, boyfriend at the time told me about this book years ago. I read it, not really understanding what it meant or how to apply its principles. I read this book again recently and I must say it is a great read!  It opened my eyes to so many new concepts and ideas. I learned the way different streams of income work. It taught me how to see past the mind of an employee and get a view of what an entrepreneur thinks like. It’s excellent if you’re like me and looking for more out of life. Not the average 5-7 day work week and barely having a enough time, money or energy to live your best life. If this is not something you’re looking for, this book may not be for you.

In this book, Kiyosaki speaks about his experience with both his dads as he grew up. One of them was rich and one of them was poor, Hence, the name of the book. When he was young, he and his friend were the kids who lived in a decent area, had a pretty decent house, had parents making a decent living and attended a pretty good school, filled with wealthy kids. His journey to earn wealth started when he wasn’t invited to a birthday party with one of his classmates because they thought he was poor. So he decided he wanted to change that.


One event led to the next and his real father (the poor one) told him that if he wanted to learn how to become wealthy, he should speak with his best friends father (rich dad). He owned businesses, had employees,  all with minimal education. This is where the story begins. During the rest of the book, he goes to work with rich dad and his best friend and is taught so many different things that he had not ever seen or learned with poor dad.  The reason I love this book so much is because there are tokens that you can apply to your very own life. There are so many flaws in how we think when it comes to money. This book shows you where you could possibly upgrade the way you view money as well as your finances. He speaks about education in the least traditional ways and how to always look for the opportunity to grow and learn. It made me realize just how lazy I was and how there are endless possibilities to be able to live the life I want to live.

Financial Freedom is a Mental, Emotional and Educational Process

– Robert Kiyosaki

I did not graduate college and up until recently, I regretted it with my soul. I’m just not a school person. Not graduating made me feel less than, or like I would be stuck in poverty. This book was one of the best things for me when it came to confidence in that area. It taught me that it is ALL about the mindset and determination of the individual. As well as the knowledge. And guess what, you don’t have to do a traditional 4 years at the university to obtain it. Kiyosaki speaks about learning through experience. He doesn’t bash college, but he also doesn’t make it seem like its the only way. He speaks on how to properly set your business up to not only have wealth but freedom as well. Freedom is probably my biggest goal, but freedom and wealth go hand in hand, so I’m after both.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad is a must read, no doubt about it. For any of you who are looking for another way to do life because this cookie cutter method  just isn’t for you, I recommend giving this book a read. It will drop valuable gems in your life and help switch your thinking a little to make those steps towards where you want to go. It doesn’t sell dreams, it’s not a feel good, “You’ll be rich tomorrow if you say it” type book. It’s actually a beautiful rude awakening because he only speaks about the real experiences it takes to truly gain wealth. He encourages work, experiences and education, you have to put in the work. But with the insight he provides, it wont seem so bad. Have you read Rich Dad, Poor Dad? What did you get from it?

-Until Next Time Kiddies, Stay Edgy <3


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