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Appreciating My Queens

I have been overwhelmed with joy the last few days! I feel like i’m finally where I’m supposed to be in life. I’m so appreciative of my journey and the people that have helped me along the way. I know next Sunday is mother’s day, but today, my heart really wanted to share the special queens in my life that have shaped and molded me into who I am.


Mommy (Christine)

I love everything about you, mom! Your smile, your voice and especially your cooking! I look up to you because of who you are! You never complain even when sometimes you definitely have the right to! You work harder than any other woman I know and you always put Kayla and I before yourself. I wouldn’t want any other woman to be my birth mother. You give the best advice and tough love. I use to hate it, but now I appreciate it more than ever. I know that your heart is genuine and your intentions are pure and that’s how I want to be remembered as a woman!

When we get together, there’s nothing but laughs and jokes. I appreciate you mom for everything; even your random “HELLER?!” or “Hey boo!” text messages and gifs. My heart is happy because God blessed me with you! I love you!

Mommy (Miranda)

Thank you for being you! I really appreciate you for stepping in and being that mother figure for me in Charlotte. You’ve always treated me like one of your own and you will forever be my other mother because of that! I still remember the first day I met you. I thought to myself, this woman is so beautiful and so graceful. You’re just an overall blessing to be around and you’ve touched my life in ways you don’t even know. Thank you for always checking in on me, sharing your family with me and for giving birth to my best friend!

 You’ve taught me so much about being a woman and how to carry myself with class, and you don’t ever fail to tell DeYana, Shayna and I about ourselves. I appreciate you and love you way more than you know.

Grandma (Barbara) and Auntie (Carla)

A special thank you to the both of you for loving me through it all even when i didn’t deserve it. You two have loved me at my worst and never fail to remind me of how special i am to you both and our family. Thank you for supporting me through whatever decision i have ever made and for always being there for me! I’ve seen you both drop everything for me because i needed you. You’ve opened your homes to me and have even given your last to me. Even the smallest things you do mean so much to me. I’m spoiled rotten because of you both! Ha! I hope to be as amazing as you both are when I have a family of my own.

I know at times I suck at calling, but i’m always thinking about my favorite grandma and auntie duo! I love you!

I owe you four ladies so much more than I could ever give you. This post is just to say thank you and to show the world what you guys truly mean to me! I know that being a mother can be a hard job sometimes, but you beautiful ladies make it look super easy!

Always my mothers, always my friends

-Until we meet again, remember to sparkle!

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  • Miranda Caldwell

    Thank you for allowing me to love you as one of my own. You’re so easy to love Danielle. I’ve enjoyed watching you grow into this beautiful, caring, hard working young woman. Keep making me proud and continue to Sparkle!

    -Momma Miranda

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