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Can Memories Be Hereditary ?

Can Memories Be Hereditary??

My husband and I tend to converse about the conspiracies, myths, and mysteries of the world. We’re always questioning things and discussing and/or debating our views on them. He’s always finding new interesting ideas and bringing them to me to discuss. The most recent discussion we had stemmed from our pup, Manny.  Since birth no one has had to teach him the characteristics of a dog, he has lived with us since he was 6 weeks old and from then, he has behaved very wolf like.

The reason Dre (my husband) was so interested in this was because when Manny would do anything that we couldn’t understand, he would hop on the internet and learn why. There are answers for almost every mannerism of a dog. Reasons why they lay certain ways, what it means when their tails wag a certain way, why they hide when they vomit etc. Dre found this so interesting because he just could not understand how a puppy who had never spent time with any other dogs could reenact the behaviors of so many dogs before him .

His theory was that experiences and memories from his ancestors were passed down genetically. I mean it only makes sense right!? He would have to have some sort of download for him to know to hide when he vomits because he fears we may view him as weak. Observations like these go back years. Well today, he came across a study that proves that significant or traumatic memories can be hereditary.

What is Epigenetics?

The scientific term for this is Epigenetics. Which basically means anything other than DNA sequence that influences the development of an organism. The study shows that life experiences and traumatic events can effect the children after them. This is not new information, in fact, its been an observation that has been studied since the early 1900’s. There are studies and books delving deep in the study of these concepts. Mystery of the mind a book written by Wilden Penfield, speaks about the 3 types of memory specific to animals. He states “Animals, particularly show evidence of what might be called racial memory” (another term for genetic memory). Lastly, He lists the second type of memory being “conditioned reflexes” and a third type as “experiential”. These types are equivalent to “habit or procedural” memory and “cognitive or semantic” memory. Check out more on

This does not mean every single memory would be transferred down to your seed. Those memories would first need to be created before you have your child and be significant enough to have imprinted on your genetic material. If the memory is not all too significant, nothing would be passed down. It is very similar to instinct, which is what I would have viewed it as all these years. How can we know something without being taught!!? This is something that myself, along with so many other people had no desire to ask, right. We just know it happens and we chalk it up to things JUST being that way.

Learning this and really taking time to look into it has made me view people, including myself differently. I now wonder what quirks, fears or trauma we deal with that cause us to behave certain ways that didn’t even happen in our direct lifetime. It’s something to think about and be aware of. Which is why knowing the “why” to how things work is so pivotal a lot of the time. We can truly evolve and grow even more just from being aware. How do you feel about this study? Do you believe it to be accurate? Let us know in the comments, I would like to hear your take on it!

-Until next time sweet faces, Stay Edgy!

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