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Healthy Poppin’ Nails

Ever since high school I’ve been lowkey obsessed with nails. My twin sister’s nails have been my inspiration for years. Her nails are strong, long, and healthy. I’ve damaged and healed my nails multiple times. The damage I’ve encountered was from not properly taking off acrylic nails and getting acrylic nails in general. Getting nails back healthy isn’t a quick process and you have to make sure you take care of them after they’re back poppin’.

I have some tips, from over the years, that help me get my nails back together and some tips for keeping them poppin’.

Tips for poppin’ Nails

It takes my nails about a full month to go from trash to fab. The first thing I do when my nails are damaged is cut them. It is good to cut them so they can start fresh. I think about nails like I think about hair, they’re just nails and they will grow back. It may be extra, but I like to actually brush my nails. Get you a fresh toothbrush and scrub them thangs clean. It gets the surface layer of nail off so the fresh nail can thrive. Another thing to do when you’re getting your nails back on track, use cuticle oil. I like to use Vitamin E oil because it helps strengthen the nail, but if I don’t have that on hand I’ll use shea butter or coconut oil. You really can use anything that will keep the nail and cuticle moisturized. I put some on everyday. Dry cuticles are not cute!

Nail Upkeep

Big Tip: Keep your nails painted! I want to stress this because it’s one of the most important parts to get your nails back. You don’t have to have them painted with a color, you can use clear if you want, but keep them painted. It protects the nails from breaking or getting snagged on anything. I like to paint my own nails, but you can go to the nail salon too. When I paint my nails at home I have a specific routine. I feel like this helps, but I’m not a professional so don’t quote me. First, I do one coat of nail grow or nail strengthener then I do one base coat. It may not need to be said, but make sure you let each coat dry. After the base coat, if you want a color, do two coats of the color you desire. Lastly, seal it all with a top coat.

You know before everyone started getting gel nails, they would get regular polish at the salon and two seconds after they left the building the polish already messed up. Don’t let that happen to you, so if you paint your nails at home, you have to let them dry completely. Put on a long movie sis, like Titanic, and sit still. You can do that or you can get you a nail lamp that helps dry the nails quicker. It is really a process. I dedicate a day to do my nails every other week or so. Or you can cancel all of that and just go to the salon lol.

Extra Tips

Just some extra things that will help, but aren’t actually necessary. Don’t get your nails too wet, like with washing dishes or cleaning, make sure to use gloves. Moisture in your nails can cause them to break easier. Even though I warned against water, after you feel like your nails are dry on the outside, you can dip your nails in ice water for about a minute. This will help the polish dry quicker too. I hope these tips are helpful for my natural nail loves out there. If you try any of these things and they help you, we would love to know!

-See you next week, Love conquers all ♥

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