Happy Monday!!!


“Life Goes On.”

Everyone has things going on in their lives, but that doesn’t stop life from going on. I think about this often because this past December my uncle died and it really shook me. I wasn’t OK for a while, but I had to push through because I still had class, homework, exams etc. It was rough because when things happen sometimes we lose ourselves and lose focus. From that experience alone, I know we can get through anything life throws at us. We just have to take it day by day. I still haven’t fully processed that he is gone, but positive things have happened since then and allowed me to grieve a little better. If I had been wallowing in sadness, I would not have moved toward the positive changes I was making in my life. Not to be preachy, but they say God doesn’t give you more than you can bare and I believe that to be true.

Life happens and everything happens for a reason. I’d like to think hard times are for positive purposes. I learned life won’t stop for you and you don’t want to just let it go by either. Understand your pains and the things in life you feel you just cant move past, but don’t allow them to take your time away from you. Remember, Life goes on and we only have one. Make the best of it!


Pay yourself first.

Your pay check comes in and it’s rent week. What’s the first thing most of us do? We pay the rent, right? What if I told you that the money you earned you actually deserved to keep some of that. We work very hard for our money and a lot of times we give more of our time than the money we see coming in. This is why it is so important we invest in ourselves before hand. No, this does not mean place your money in the never ending savings account that you have. It doesn’t even mean treat yourself to a mani or pedi. This money should be set aside to fund your goals and dreams. Whether you need licensing for anything or products for a line your’e about to launch. Those areas in your life deserve just as much attention, if not more than just paying your bills and saving. Be your biggest investor, never stop growing and never stop having reasons to pay yourself first.


Maggie Rogers – Alaska

I have literally fallen in love with this song all over again and thought everyone should listen with me. Her sound is earthy, airy and original. Lay down your worries and ride the sound waves that Ms. Maggie has created for us <3

-Enjoy your week QT pies!

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