Happy Monday!!!


“I can be whoever I want to be.”

You are who you say you are and not one person can take that away from you. We tend to get caught up in what others think of us, what our zodiac sign says, who our family wants us to be and take all of those characteristics on as our own. We are authentic in every way. It’s hard for us to see that  when we cloud our perception of who we are with the thoughts of others. I encourage you to live and be exactly who you want to be this week and forever more. Be you, be the person you dream of. Be who you are when you’re alone, ALL the time. Don’t let anyone place a name or identity on you. Be whoever you want to be!


Do not chase money

In today’s society, money is most definitely a need and we need a good bit of it just for the things we absolutely need. A lot of us have the mindset to go after money and “secure the bag” by any means necessary. We take jobs we hate just to gain money, we do things that compromise our safety, well being, and moral compass all in the name of money. We live miserable lives just to gain money. My advice to you today is to rid the mindset society has left you and only do and go after the things you love. Money is a tool. It is not life. It is a way to get the things you need and want that is it. Start chasing what makes you happy. Go after opportunities that coincide with your desires and purpose and the money will come.

Money and even obtaining wealth are not a problem. Never put who you are and what you want out of life after the pursuit of money though. In the end, money is not what leaves you wealthy when it is all said and done.


Photosynthesis- Saba ft Jean Deaux

This song gives me evening vibes driving with the windows down. It’s euphoric and poetic. Saba is a very talented artist and is brilliant lyrically. I fell in love with Jean Deaux from this track as well.

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