Happy Monday!!!


“Don’t give up. Normally it is the last key on the ring which opens the door.”


It is important to keep pushing even when it feels like your desires are impossible to achieve. You have to keep trying, and believing that whatever you want will come. There is no room for negativity. You must accept the struggles in the beginning and remember that it will get better, but only if you keep going. Pick yourself up and hold your head high with dignity. Once you find the right key, you can open the right door and whats behind that door is bigger and better than anything you could ever imagine.


Live below your means.

Many of us especially at a younger age may experience what life is like when we choose to live above our means, but it is essentially important to live below your means for several reasons. Now, I’m not saying don’t treat yourself to nice things, but i am saying that it is important to live below your means because it puts you in a better space financially for the future. You also aren’t living pay check to pay check when you live below your means.

Living below your means basically means you aren’t spending more money than you really have. This allows you to control your spending habits. It will also allow you to┬ápay off debt faster and save more money which will ultimately avoid financial stress on you and your loved ones.

The process to living below your means involves getting a better handle on how much you bring home and understanding that you should stay below this as much as you can. Next, figure out what you spend money on and how much you spend. This step is critical because you have to begin to start eliminating unnecessary expenses and tracking what you spend your money on from there on out.

Budgeting is very important when living below your means.


Broken clocks is one of my absolute favorite songs. SZA is one of my absolute favorite artists. This song not only takes you back to her “S” and “Z” EP days, but it also creates anticipation for what to expect from her in the future. Our prayers are with her as she recovers fully from her vocal injuries. Take a listen and vibe out on this good Monday!

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