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Becoming a Woman


Lately, I’ve been going through a lot of changes. Not so much my body, but more so a change in the things I enjoy and what I want out of life. I’ve noticed small changes within myself like the colors I like, the food I eat and even my interests. I feel like i’m evolving into a grown woman. These feelings have led me to a lot of reflecting with not only myself, but the ones around me.

I’ve realized that my feelings toward certain friendships and relationships aren’t as they were before. For once in my life, i’m genuinely not bothered by the thought of losing a friendship. I’ve grown content with the idea that not everyone is meant to stay in your life. A few weeks ago, Dee and I went to the Atlanta Women’s Expo. We heard Toya Wright speak and hearing her thoughts on negativity within ones circle of friends really opened my eyes. She reminded us the importance of being surrounded by positive like minded individuals that want the best for us and will push us to our full potential.

There was one point when I surrounded myself with negative individuals that didn’t do anything but gossip and point out others flaws, not even looking at themselves. I didn’t realize it until recently. At this point in my life, people of zero substance aren’t welcome. Negativity is not a Godly trait, so why would I want to be associated with anyone that will deter me from the Kingdom?

Steps to a new me

Although i’ve only noticed the small changes, I decided to really take a step back from a lot of people and have also gotten off social media for a bit, so that I can work on those large changes. I guess this is part of my growth as a woman. I feel like social media has allowed me to lose myself. It was to the point where I would post things just so people could see how “fun” and “exciting” my life looked, but why did I care so much about what people thought about me and my life? That question remains unanswered.

Deciding to get off of social media has been going pretty well for me. Instead of spending the majority of my free time on social media, I’ve decided to use my time for more productivity. I’m getting back to reading and writing. I’m trying new things like meditation and yoga classes. I’ve even been able to focus more on my relationship and us growing together as a couple. Brandon has also taken a break from social media, so being with him helps.

I don’t have a return date for social media; When the time comes, i’ll know.

I do however feel more at peace now that i’m truly focusing on myself. I’ve been reading a book called The Zen of Listening. I’m enjoying this book because it’s teaching me how to become a better listener and how to listen even in tough situations.  I love self-improvement books and if you guys have any, I would love some recommendations.

I will keep you all posted on my growth and my social media break.

-Until next time, remember to sparkle.

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