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“I’m only going to say what I want to put it into the universe.”


There is power in the tongue. Proverbs 15:4 says that the tongue can be “A TREE OF LIFE.” If you want something, speak it into the universe. What you put out, you attract. If you’re speaking positively, you’ll attract positive energy and if you’re speaking negatively, you’ll attract that same energy as well.

Speak positivity into your relationships, families, careers, whatever you want. I personally have been struggling with this lately which is why I felt like this was a great mantra to share with others that may be going through the same thing. I’ve been struggling trying to find happiness at my job and each time I work, all that comes out of my mouth is negativity which makes my days at work long and miserable.

For the longest time, I kept trying to figure out why my job situation wasn’t getting better. It was because of the words and energy I was putting into the universe. l would be on the way to work saying things like “Well, I’m headed to hell.” I had negative thoughts, feelings and actions before even stepping a foot into the building.

Today, I am going to speak and think positive thoughts into the universe.

I will not be at this job forever. The job search will get easier. I am going to find a better job. I will truly be happy with whatever position I get next. As I begin to speak these words, I already feel better.


Learn A Trade.”

A trade is a skill that one learns that can be used in the work force. Learning a trade and mastering it is one way to always be able to make money. When you learn a trade, it allows you to be flexible. You’re able to work for a company if you’d like or you’re able to work for yourself and start up a business of your own.

A trade also allows you to network better. We all know networking with the right people brings opportunity and that leads to fulfilling income. Learning a trade does not need to be something you want to do for full time work either. You can use that skill as a side job or for times when you know you could use a few extra dollars.

Generations before us had plenty of skills and learned trades to fall back on for financial purposes. If you’re interested in a trade of any kind, learn it. Add to your resume and skill set and create a new avenue of income for yourself.


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