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Respected Roots: Hair Moisturizer Review!

Today, I am going to be reviewing a product that I picked up while at the Atlanta Womens Expo. The brand is called Respected Roots and they specialize in natural products for beard, hair and skin care. You can check out their website here. This particular product is their hair moisturizer and it was created to promote healthy moisturized hair for men and women. So without further adue, lets get into it!

Price: $

So, the price of the moisturizer was $10.00 for 4 fl oz. I typically pay around this price for my hair products, so this wasn’t too bad for me. However, I did feel that it could have been a tad bit less considering the size of the packaging.

Consistency: Whipped Butter

The consistency is like a whipped Shea butter. Not as thick as Shea but like a whipped type feel. It’s definitely more of a sealant or a lighter version of a butter in my opinion. Water is not in the top 3 ingredients. It has more of an oily feel. I really thought the 4 fl oz was pushing it for the price, but because of the consistency, you don’t need much for your hair. It would last you a little while.

How well does it work: Great on wet hair

I used this product on dry hair to retwist before bed the first time I used it. It smoothed into my hair pretty well for it to be on dry hair. As some products I have tried can be kind of clumpy and it’s really easy to disperse. The next day, my hair looked a bit weighed down. I wasn’t expecting too much, but it definitely didn’t stun me.

The next time I tried it was wash day. I did a twist out and used it along side of my leave-in conditioner and castor oil. It was the last product I placed in my hair. It worked with those products beautifully, and melted in my hair. I only used this on my ends as it does give me more of a sealant vibe than anything. I brushed it through with my denman brush to finish my twists off and my curls popped like none other!

The next day, my hair was so soft and felt incredibly moisturized. Not only were my curls poppin, but they stayed ALL day. This is not a norm for my hair. Im not sure if its the mositurizer alone or the fact that the other products worked so beautifuly with it, but I could not complain. It definitely is great for sealing in moisture and aiding in soft bouncy hair.

Overall: 8

All in all, I give this product an 8. I love how it flows with my other staple products and the results I got on wash day. I still feel that it could be lower in price because of the size of the packaging, but I can let that pass because of how much use I feel I can get out of it. I’m not the biggest fan of the frangrance, It’s soft and smells really good at first, but there is some sort of after smell. I can’t really describe it. I would let this pass too, just because you can smell it after your hair is dry. If you try this procuct and like it, let us know!

-Until next time, Stay edgy!


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