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5 Ways To Add More Peace Into Your Life!

Achieving peace has been a struggle for me in the past. I have always allowed exterior issues to create internal stress. I would commit myself to too much, hold on to people who meant me no good, surf the web and compare my life to what i’d see on social media. None of these things contributed to a peaceful life for me. So, I cut it out! I created a plan that I would stick to in order to develop positive habits and maintain my much needed inner peace. I decided to do the following:


Sometimes you just have to shut off your phone, get off of your computer and disconnect. This was a problem I had. I was constantly on my phone, constantly talking, and scrolling on multiple timelines. Tuned in to so many people’s world that mine was slowly starting to fade. I had to realize that the time I was spending constantly talking my life away or liking pictures on instagram was adding to my lack of peace. For those of you that fear missing out, it is okay! I promise. You can take a day or two for yourself with no interruption where you’re focusing on nobodies life but your own.

If you aren’t used to pulling away, it can be very hard. I would just start with a few hours a day. Progress to a full day and then start taking as much time as you need. I promise you, you’ll feel so much better. Your head-space will be clearer and you’ll feel a peace that you haven’t felt in while. I know I did.


After you disconnect, you’ll realize how much time you actually have available to you. I mean it’s literally like an extra 5-10 hours slap you in the face. During this time, prayer and/or meditation is great to hone in on your inner peace. Through prayer and meditation, I came to find that peace is really always within us. There is just a ton of excess stuff that we allow to fog up that space. Take some time; start small.

Practice your breathing, clear your mind and be still in that moment. This is not easy at first either. Your mind will be everywhere and you’ll feel like it’s not working. With every attempt, it gets easier and your mind gets clearer. If you ask me, this is one of the best ways to lose some weight in one day!

Clean Your Space

In my experience, how your home looks is how you look on the inside. I know when my home gets cluttered, it’s not only time to clean my space, it’s time to clear my mind and my spirit. A good spring cleaning leaves my home a lot more peaceful and airy. In turn, my head-space is more free and I feel more at peace.

If you’re feeling bogged down and your cluttered mind is showing up in your home in the form of clothes, trash and misplaced hair products, I suggest you take a moment to clean and clear your home. You will feel so much better.

Give Mother Nature a Visit

The outdoors really do a lot for me. The fresh air, the sun, the greenery. It puts me in a place of gratitude. It proves to me that there are so many things bigger than me and allows me to see the beauty that was placed on this earth naturally. Take a walk, admire all that was placed here before us and think of nothing but your present moment.

Nature has a way of calming things down and allowing you to comprehend all that really matters. If it’s peace that you’re looking for, you’re guaranteed to find it along the side of mother nature.

Let Go

LET GO! This is by far one of the hardest ones to practice. Letting go is an art. It’s a trait that everyone needs to adopt though. Stop holding on to the hurt and the pain. Let go of those negative thoughts and traits that you house in your mind. Let go of those toxic relationships that have held you captive for so long.

The moment you start to let go of all the things that you have allowed to hinder your peace, the sooner you’ll start to regain it.

Peace is something we all have within us. We just allow too many things to create a barrier within us, making it harder to reach our true inner peace. What do you need to do to reconnect with your peace? If you have any methods or practices to help clear your mind and spirit, share them in the comments!

-Until next time, stay edgy!

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