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4 Ways to Stay Disciplined!

Lately I’ve noticed that a lot of my disappointments are from goals not being met or things not being accomplished. I find that I am my own enemy at times. There are projects that I’ve wanted done, weight I’ve wanted gone, and numerous other tasks that are merely started.

After taking a moment to allow myself to be a victim, I really sat and pondered on why the things I want most I have barely achieved. It all boiled down to one word, DISCIPLINE! I have little to no self discipline. So my goal for the next few months is to strengthen myself in that area. Here’s how:


Plan My Day:

One way I plan to strengthen my self- discipline is to plan my day the night before. I have tried planning out weeks in advance and this method does not work for me. If I create shorter term goals it keeps me focused on what I need to do at the present time versus getting overwhelmed with what I have to do days in advance.

I feel that in order to be better disciplined I have to work with the type of person I am and not take on the habits and strategies of others. Taking my life day by day ensures that I will be more focused and willing to accomplish my goals. I’m a small steps type of gal 🙂


Only Get Rewarded Luxuries After a Goal is Met:

Another way I am going to be better disciplined is by a reward system. No more nail salon visits, new clothes or going out to eat until set goals are met. Too often I spend money on things I don’t necessarily need and I feel that those things could be used as rewards from now on.

I will set a one big goal for the week that is made up of my daily goals. If these goals are not met then I will be going without the extras in my life.

Have an Accountability Partner:

Whats life without an accountability partner!!? I have shared my goals and my plans to reach them with my accountability partners. They are going to be my support to keep me on top of the things that I need done. I will also be letting them know when my goals are met and they will help keep me motivated.


Treat My Promises to Myself Like Promises to Others:

A few years ago, I promised myself to be more reliable to those that needed me. I try my absolute best to stand by my word and never break a commitment I made to anyone. I’ve also decided to really think on my commitments before making them, and if i knew I couldn’t stand by it I wouldn’t give my word.

If I can do this for others I should most definitely be able to do this for myself. I believe that fully trusting my own word by actually accomplishing my goals, will help strengthen my self discipline. I don’t just want others to have faith in me, I want to have faith in myself as well.


Until next time, Stay Edgy 

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