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I am not my hair.alt

For the longest time, I had been consumed by my hair. I felt like my hair made me who I was. I love my hair because of its texture. My curls have always been tight and beautiful. Throughout my entire life, I’ve gotten compliments on it and people have often told me that they wish they had my hair. My hair is extremely fine so it makes it easier to do and manage.

A few months ago, I got a severe amount of heat damage. I had no idea what to do with myself. A lot of people suggested cutting it off and starting over, but I was just too scared to do it. My hair was everything to me so I was completely lost and a tad bit frustrated.

I remember hearing the song “I Am Not My Hair” by India Arie as a little girl. It had such an impact on the women around me. It wasn’t until recently when the lyrics came to life for me.

Society forces us to get caught up in looks especially when it comes to our hair. The way our hair looks can affect our self-esteem and how we see ourselves in the eyes of others.

We are more than our hair

I’m here to tell you, hair isn’t everything! We are more than just our hair. “I am not my hair!”

I am more than my hair and I will walk around with my head held high and embrace my curls and straight pieces as I continue to take care of my hair until it is all the same texture and pattern.

Whether I decide to continue to slowly cut it off or cut it all off at one time, it is just hair and will grow back. “I AM NOT MY HAIR. I am the soul that lives within.”


If you are looking to enjoy your summer without spending an arm and a leg every weekend, this is for you!

I have made a list of 15 things to do for a no-spend weekend.

1.  Explore a new area in your city

2. Volunteer around your community

3. Visit a free museum

4. Try a DIY project using recycled or old items around your house (Pinterest is good for this)

5. Go hiking

6. Have a game night with your closet friends and family

7. Redesign a room in your home

8. Try a new recipe

9. Have a yard sale

10. Have your own spa day

11. Visit a sunflower field

12. Create a scavenger hunt

13. Find a free class in your area (Eventbrite is great for this)

14. Learn a new skill

15. Paint


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